Privium Fund Management

Privium Fund Management is a Dutch fund manager, based in Amsterdam. Privium is authorised and regulated as Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) according to the Alternative Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Privium is also regulated by the Dutch Central Bank. As AIFM, Privium operates various funds with a broad spectrum of investment strategies. Since Privium is the regulated manager, Privium takes responsibility for compliance monitoring, risk management, periodic reporting to regulators and providing the relevant investor information.


With offices in Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, 50 people serve a large number of funds for an amount of > € 3 billion.


e3 has been working closely with Privium Fund Management since the foundation of e3 Partners in 2013. Privium ensures the continuity of the fund management for new funds.


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Darwin Platform

Darwin Platform is an independent and internationally operating service platform for the financial sector. With offices in Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, it offers a wide range of services to professional fund managers.


Darwin Platform helps e3 to fully focus on the execution of investment management activities by supporting in the field of governance, cash management (including capital calls) and fund secretarial services.


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SVn is the executor of a large number of implementation regulations in the public sector. A large number of regulations aimed at the quality of life and housing are implemented on behalf of 369 public and semi-public authorities.


With its professionally developed IT infrastructure and extensive management organisation, SVn offers professional services in the field of mid-office and back-office activities. The e3 team managing the Fûns Skjinne Fryske Enerzjy (FSFE) is supported by SVn.


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CSC Governance Services

CSC is an independent supplier of tailor-made fund management solutions. Its expertise and consistent service enable fund managers to focus on their core capabilities to make investment decisions and to generate returns to their investors.


CSC offers worldwide solutions for mangers who focus on private equity, real estate, venture capital, private debt, funds of funds and other alternative investment strategies. e3 works closely with CSC in the field of depository services (including executive management), KYC-analysis and regulatory compliance and investor reporting.


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