e3 partners – Investors with a mission


Our mission is to support sustainable regional development by means of risk-bearing investments and loans on the basis of our knowledge and experience of venture capital and project financing.


We facilitate the allocation of capital in markets we know well and realise that sustainable regional development requires a long-term vision and commitment from both the investor and the administrator.



Summarising, we believe there are a number of critical factors in order to apply impact investing in the sustainability and energy transition market successfully:


  • An eye for relevant details in the business case;
  • Independence with regard to developers and lenders;
  • Know-how; This extends beyond knowledge and experience in the field of transaction structures.

Here at e3, this is supplemented by means of partnerships with knowledge institutions (e.g. Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, Delft University of Technology) and collaboration with technical specialists; and decisiveness; the knowledge needed to structure projects actually leading to a financial close is not a given.


It is the vision of e3 that, with the arrival of sustainable energy, a substantial number of small-scale energy suppliers will emerge. They are often developers of local energy generation projects. More local generation of electricity requires adjustments in the field of transmission, both in capacity (cross-border) and in smarter networks. The growth in generation capacity of wind and solar energy in particular will mean that demand for energy storage will play an important role. All these necessary adjustments require the availability of capital.


Many sustainability projects are characterised by a relatively low technological risk, a stable and predictable cash flow and long payback periods. Nonetheless, there is a serious shortage of the availability of financing in the construction phase and the availability of long-term funds.